At Abode Killarney we work directly with corporate clients and can accommodate you in several ways. We understand that recruitment and retention are at the heart of your business and core to that is your team finding accommodation where they will engage and feel part of the local community. Abode Killarney is the solution. 

Firstly, you the employer can take the lease on behalf of your staff, this can be a standard lease or a full-service lease that will also include housekeeping and laundry services. 

Secondly, you the employer engage with Abode Killarney, but the lease is in your employee’s names and the arrangement is directly between Abode Killarney and your employee. 

As a corporate client we will advise you of upcoming availability at Abode Killarney ahead of releasing it to the public, so at all times you can plan for accommodation for your team here in Kerry. 

Become an Abode Partner to:

  • Receive early updates on availability
  • Create a bespoke accommodation package for your team
  • Work directly with our Curator